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Bush Caravan Park

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Bush Caravan Park er en campingplads i Bushmills, Nordirland. Denne campingplads har pladser der er afmærkede og uden skygge.Campingpladset har en legeplads.

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På Bush Caravan Park gælder følgende regler for husdyr:
- Hund(e) er tilladt(e) i lavsæsonen (hvis holdt i snor).
- Hund(e) er tilladt(e) i højsæsonen (hvis holdt i snor).

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Vejledende pris 26,00 €

Campingpladsens åbningsperiode + din ferieperiode

august 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
september 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
oktober 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
november 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.
december 2017
man. tir. ons. tor. fre. lør. søn.

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31 Valgt dato

Detaljeret information over campingpladsen

P.C.T.M. de Vries-van Dijk

Denne inspektør besøger hvert år Bush Caravan Park og inspicerer campingpladsen ud fra omtrent 200 faciliteter og andre fokusområder. Inspektøren arbejder for ACSI og arbejder altså ikke for campingpladsen.

- Inspektør Fru P.C.T.M. de Vries-van Dijk
P.C.T.M. de Vries-van Dijk

Inspektør Fru P.C.T.M. de Vries-van Dijk

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Ring til +31(0)625081789
Indlæser, vent venligst...

Gennemsnitlig bedømmelse: 7,3

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Bad og toilet
Mad og drikke

Ian Anderson, på denne campingplads i august 2015


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Rejseselskab: Par

We stayed for the first time at Bush Caravan site for 4 nights in August and while the weather was poor we still were able to enjoy short breaks of good weather as all the main attractions are close to the site. The toilet block was spotless and the staff were ok. We will be back next year.

A Byers, på denne campingplads i maj 2015


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Rejseselskab: Par

Just back from our first visit to bush and we really enjoyed it.very clean site well laid out pitches and toilets and showers spotless. Spectacular views from the site. We will go back.

Mary Doherty, på denne campingplads i september 2014


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Rejseselskab: Par

Stayed at this site this week-end.Just home and glad.First time ever on my twenty years caravanning I was glad to leave a site.The man had no personality for dealing with the public.PLEASE&THANK-YOU was not part of his vocabulary.1st time there and will never be back.Out of the 32 counties in Ireland this was the most unwelcoming.

Colin, på denne campingplads i juli 2011


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Rejseselskab: Familie med børn, 4 – 12 år

I used to take my caravan here on a regular basis but having had some bad experiences from staff and the strict regime I decided not to go back. Having said that, my son now has a caravan and booked on to Bush for the first time I might add, the last time.
Whilst it is lovely to look at the pristeen grass which they seem to have fixation about, you are not allowed to walk, drive, disturb the grass in any way without being treated like an unwelcome visitor.
We went up to Bush to visit our son, daughter in law and grandson for a B-B-Q, and wanted to park in the visitor car park which was nearly full, I parked out of the way so as not to interfere with camper parking and as I parked up, two irate red faces stared out of the office window at me.
The old guy came rushing out shouting about parking and people thinking they can park anywhere, my grandson was repeatidly told off in the playground for nothing, my son warned about leaving his car on the tarmac whilst setting up his van.

Roger Green, på denne campingplads i juni 2010


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This evaluation has been obtained by our inspector from a questionnaire at the camp site.

Perks, på denne campingplads i juni 2010


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This evaluation has been obtained by our inspector from a questionnaire at the camp site.

Graham Shilliday, på denne campingplads i juli 2009


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Rejseselskab: Familie med børn, 4 – 12 år

Informed the staff that it was our first time caravanning. From then on they were rude and unhelpful. My daughter was told off because her bicycle stabilisers made too much noise! Then I was told off for having a water pistol. I was told that it was a rule that no water pistols allowed, and that they had to pay for their water. Fun police brutality. I do not know why they have a children’s play area as the children were being constantly chastised. They have a games room that they would not open for the children. I can honestly say that the children I seen were behaving better than they would have been in Church.
I does not go on holiday to be talked down to in a rude and unreasonable way.
Great place for older people, with no children, or someone that does not laugh too loud.

I stayed five days. I would not go

D Gormley, på denne campingplads i juni 2009


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Rejseselskab: Familie med børn, 4 – 12 år

Not a very child friendly place watched constantly, staff can be quite rude and there is a lawn mower constantly cutting grass. Showers are not good for anyone as temperatures are hot and then cold, my child was nearly scalded. Surroundings are nice, and are close to sites around coast.

john mitchell, på denne campingplads i maj 2009


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Rejseselskab: Familie med børn, 4 – 12 år

If you want to stay in a place of a good location but dont mind being spoken to rudely, being absolutely scalded in the shower and if you have children you dont mind them not allowed to play on anything this is the place for you also if you like listening to a lawn mower ging all the time this is a added attraction. Also staff is very very rude.

John mitchell, på denne campingplads i maj 2009


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Rejseselskab: Par

Would only stay here if you have no children, dont have any friends (only 1 car allowed) and dont take a shower (water does not stay at the same temperature sometimes scalding hot and next ice cold). Staff are great as long as you have a tent or a small caravan as long as it is not better than theirs.

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Vejledende pris 1
26,00 €
Vejledende pris 2
30,70 €
25-03-2017 til 30-09-2017
4 ha
Højde over havets overflade
Antal turpladser
54 (60m2)
Campingplads egnet til handicappede

* Faciliteter, der er fremhævet med fed skrift er ikke inkluderet i overnatningsprisen. Hertil må der betales ekstra. (Det betyder dog ikke at faciliteter, der ikke er fremhævet med fed skrift nødvendigvis er gratis).

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  • Panorama
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  • Roligt dag og nat
  • Midlertidige pladser uden for campingpl. med strøm
    • antal:6
Adresse og rute

Vil du booke Bush Caravan Park eller have yderligere information? Det kan du via nedenstående oplysninger.

  • Bush Caravan Park
    Priestland Road 97
    BT57 8UJ / Bushmills
    Forenede Kongerige

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    55°10'29"N 6°34'17"W
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