GENERAL CONDITIONS OF RENT SEASONOVA 1- Reservation of an accommodation : The reservation of a renting accommodation gets on for a minimal duration of 7 nights (in the daytime of arrival on Saturday, Wednesday or Sunday according to sites) for the high season (in July and August) and of 2 nights minimum for the other periods. There is a price list in the overnight stay for certain campsites. For rent week: arrived between 4 pm and 19 hours /Departure between 8:30 am and 10 hours For rent weekend: arrived between 4 pm and 19 hour/Allocates Sunday between 8:30 am and 10 hours Of the arrangements will be organized for weekend/holidays. Reservation of a location: For locations, the days of arrival and departure are free. The arrivals are made after 14 hours, the departures before 12 am. 2- Payment of the deposit: Turn your form of reservation duly completed and accompanied by a check of deposit of 35 % of the amount of the stay in the order of "SEASONOVA - name of the campsite". You can also settle the deposit by bank transfer, mandate cash or by telephone (payment CB reassured) or bank transfer. The expenses of reservations are 15 €. 3- Complete regulation of the stay: The complete regulation will have to be made (in cash, CB or holiday voucher) at the latest 30 days before your day of arrival, 4- The Renting - your arrival: For the rents, upon your arrival, a 350€ deposit and 100€ (pledge established by one borrows bank card) will be asked, before any entrance to the accommodation. An index card of inventory will be put back to you upon your arrival. Indicate any anomaly that very day. No complaint formulated later can be taken into account. A current situation of your rent will be made the day of your departure. The possible expenses of restoration, the missing or damaged material, will be charged. If the accommodation is not left in perfect condition by cleanliness, and for any departure out of hours of the reception, 100 euros of cool of cleaning will be charged. Possibility of asking for the option cleaning from your arrival for 70 euros (the option cleaning does not include the cleaning of the dishes, the kitchen, the toilets and the household electrical appliances chargeable to the tenant). Deposits will be put back to you in your departure after current situation and discount of the material in good condition. 5- Confirmation of reservation: Your reservation will be confirmed after reception of your signed contract and the deposit taken. In the case of impossibility to answer your request due to the lack of availability, we shall turn you your deposit as soon as possible. 6- Delay: Any rent must be occupied before 8 pm the day of the arrival mentioned on the contract. In the absence of message justifying a delay, the rent becomes available 24 hours after the initially planned date of arrival. 7 - Modification of your reservation: Until 15 days before the day of your arrival, modifications concerning your reservation can be made free of charge, subject to availability. 8 - Cancellation, Interruption of stay and not used services(performances): Any interrupted or abbreviated stay (arrived late, early(anticipated) departure) of your fact cannot give rise to a refund(repayment). Any cancellation of a reservation must be made in writing (recommended with AR) The refund(repayment) of the paid(poured) sums will intervene deduction made by amounts specified this below: More than 30 days before a date of the beginning of the stay, the deposit(advance) will be kept(preserved) by SEASONOVA Less than 30 days before a date of the beginning of the stay, 100 % of the amount of the stay will be kept(preserved) by SEASONOVA. In case of cancellation because of SEASONOVA, except case of absolute necessity, the stay will be totally paid off. It is possible to sign to an insurance(assurance) cancellation (consult us).


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