RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR CAMPING OR CARAVAN GROUNDS AND RECREATIONAL RESIDENTIAL PARKS TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Conditions of admission and residence To be allowed to enter, to settle or to stay on a campground, it must be authorized by the manager or his representative. The latter has the obligation to ensure the proper keeping and order of the campsite and compliance with the application of these rules. Staying on the campsite implies acceptance of the provisions of these rules and the commitment to comply with them. No one can choose to live there. 2. Police formalities Minors unaccompanied by their parents will only be admitted with written authorization from them. In accordance with Article R. 611-35 of the Code on the Entry and Stay of Foreigners and the Right to Asylum, the Manager is required to have the client of foreign nationality complete and sign, upon arrival, a individual police record. It must mention in particular: Name and first names; Date and place of birth The nationality ; The usual home. Children under the age of 15 may appear on the card of one of the parents. 3. Installation Outdoor accommodation and related equipment must be installed at the location indicated in accordance with the directions given by the manager or his representative. 4. Reception desk Open from 8h30 to 12h and from 14h to 19h from March 1st to October 31st. At the reception desk you will find all the information on the services of the campsite, information on the possibilities of refueling, sports facilities, the tourist attractions of the area and various addresses that may be useful. A system for collecting and processing complaints is available to customers. 5. Display These rules of procedure are posted at the entrance of the campground and at the reception desk. It is given to each client who requests it. For classified campsites, the classification category with the mention tourism or recreation and the number of tourism or leisure locations are displayed. The prices of the various services are communicated to the customers under the conditions fixed by order of the Minister in charge of the consumption and consultable with the reception. 6. Terms of departure Customers are invited to inform the reception office of their departure the day before. Customers intending to leave before the opening hours of the reception desk must pay the day before the payment of their stay. 7. Noise and silence Guests are advised to avoid any noises and discussions that may be disturbing their neighbors. The sound devices must be adjusted accordingly. Closures of doors and chests should be as discreet as possible. Dogs and other animals should never be left free. They must not be left at the campsite, even locked up, in the absence of their masters, who are civilly responsible. The manager ensures the tranquility of his customers by setting schedules during which the silence must be total. 8. Visitors After having been authorized by the manager or his representative, visitors may be admitted to the campground under the responsibility of the campers who receive them. The customer can receive one or more visitors at the reception. The services and facilities of the campgrounds are accessible to visitors. However, the use of this equipment may be subject to a fee which must be displayed at the entrance of the campsite and at the reception desk. Visitors' cars are forbidden in the campground. . 9. Traffic and parking of vehicles Inside the campground, vehicles must drive at a limited speed. Traffic is allowed from 6 am to 10 pm Only vehicles owned by campers staying in the campground may be driven in the campground. Parking is strictly prohibited on the places usually occupied by the accommodation unless a parking space has been provided for this purpose. Parking must not obstruct traffic or prevent new arrivals. 10. Maintenance and appearance of facilities Everyone is required to refrain from any action that could affect the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, including health. It is forbidden to throw sewage on the ground or in the gutters. Customers must empty the wastewater in the facilities provided for this purpose. Garbage, waste of any kind, papers, must be deposited in garbage cans. Washing is strictly forbidden outside the bins provided for this purpose. The drying of the linen will be done, if necessary, with the common dryer. However, it is tolerated up to 10 hours near the accommodation, provided that it is discreet and does not bother the neighbors. It should never be done from trees. Plantations and floral decorations must be respected. It is forbidden to plant nails in the trees, to cut branches, to make plantations.It is not allowed to delimit the location of an installation by personal means, nor to dig the ground.Any repair of degradation to the vegetation, fences, grounds or facilities of the campground will be borne by the author.The location that has been used during the stay must be maintained in the state in which the camper has found at his entrance. 11. Security Fire. Open fires (wood, coal, etc.) are strictly forbidden. Stoves must be kept in good working order and must not be used in hazardous conditions. In case of fire, immediately notify the management. Fire extinguishers can be used when necessary. A first aid kit is available at the reception desk.   The management is responsible for the objects deposited at the office and has a general obligation of surveillance of the campground. The camper keeps the responsibility for his own installation and must inform the person in charge of the presence of any suspect person. Customers are advised to take the usual precautions for backing up their equipment. 12. Games No violent or awkward play can be organized near the facilities. The meeting room can not be used for hectic games. Children should always be under the supervision of their parents. 13. Dead garage It can not be left unoccupied equipment on the ground, only after agreement of the direction and only with the indicated location. This benefit may be subject to payment.14. Infringement of the by-lawIn the event that a resident disturbs the stay of the other users or does not respect the provisions of the present rules of procedure, the manager or his representative may verbally or in writing, if he deems it necessary, to cease the disturbances.In case of serious or repeated infraction to the rules and after formal notice by the manager to conform to it, this one will be able to cancel the contract. In case of criminal offense, the manager will be able to appeal to the law enforcement


General terms and conditions of sale Camping Les Portes du Beaujolais The rental of a chalet or mobile home location or accommodation implies full acceptance of the sales conditions by the contracting parties. Location rental: We put at your disposal a naked site, which can welcome up to 6 people, to install your tent, your caravan or your camper. Location Price: This is a price per night of occupancy. Pitches are available from 14:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 12:00 on the day of departure. Any overrun results in the billing of an extra day. It includes an installation and a vehicle. This package gives free access to health facilities, reception services, swimming pool (opening dates), playgrounds and entertainment (in July-August). In packages, one or two people can be included (see rates). Supplements: The persons (adults or children) or additional elements present on the site (second vehicle, animal, etc.) are subject to a daily cost. Note: the allocation of seats is carried out without distinction in the order of registration of reservations. The Direction reserves the right to change the assignment of the location upon arrival of the camper. Accommodation rental: Definition of rental seasons: Refer to the rate sheets. Periods and duration of renting: The rentals are possible for a week or at night (off-season). In high season (July-August), accommodations are rented for a week from Saturday to Saturday (possibility of short-stay rentals subject to availability). The rental price includes: the rental of the accommodation, the charges (water, gas, electricity in the limit of 200kW per week), the access to the services of the reception, to the swimming pool (on opening dates) playgrounds and entertainment (July-August). Rentals are available from 16:00 on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10:00 on the day of departure. Any overrun results in the billing of an extra day. Assignment, subletting: all rentals are registered and can not be assigned or sublet. Security Deposit: Tenants must provide upon arrival a security deposit, the amount of which appears on the rates. Payment will be requested by credit card or bank check. This will be returned in full on the day of departure after a good inventory and exit inventory. Otherwise, it will be deducted from the deposit: -The value of missing objects -A flat amount of € 80 for insufficiently cleaned installations. -The amount of repairs in case of degradation due to the occupant. -Degrations greater than the amount paid as security deposit will be charged to the customer after deduction of the deposit. Rules of stay: The reservation of the stay becomes effective only after confirmation by our services and payment by the tenant of a deposit up to 30%. The application fee is 15 € for the registration of a rental and 2 € for the registration of a naked location. Pitches: the balance of the stay must be paid 21 days before the date of arrival. Rentals: The balance of the stay must be paid without a reminder from us 21 days before the date of arrival. Modifications of stay: Possibility of modification subject to availability. Delayed arrivals / early departures: In the absence of written message from the camper, stating that he had to postpone the date of his arrival, the location or accommodation become available 12H after the date of arrival provided by the lease and full payment of benefits remain required. No reduction will be granted in the case of delayed arrival or early departure.Promotions - Last minute sales: Promotions - Last minute sales: On these occasions, it is possible that for the same stay, customers have paid different prices. Customers who have paid the highest price will not be able to benefit from a refund representing the difference compared to promotional prices. The discounts are not, in any case, cumulative with promotions. Cancellation: In the case of cancellation due to camping: the amounts paid will be refunded except in case of force majeure. In the case of a cancellation by the client: it must notify the campsite in writing (mail followed, email with acknowledgment of receipt). Otherwise, the customer will be required to pay the full amount due under the contract. The campsite reminds you that according to article L.121-20-4-2 ° of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal does not apply to accommodation, transport, catering and leisure services provided to a date according to a specified periodicity. Cancellation schedule: More than 120 days before the scheduled date of arrival: the deposit is returned. Between 21 and 120 days before the scheduled date of arrival: the deposit is kept and represents the payment of cancellation fees. Less than 21 days before the date of arrival, or in case of no-show on the campsite: the total amount of the stay is due. Optional cancellation insurance: If you book on our website, we offer you an optional cancellation insurance that covers the costs mentioned above up to 1 day before the arrival date. Less than 24 hours before, the entire stay is due. The cost of insurance is 4 € per night and covers all cases without proof. Optional interruption of stay insurance: If you book on our website, we offer a holiday interruption insurance that works in case of early departure. The cost of the insurance is 10 €. It allows you to benefit from a replacement stay under the following conditions: a stay of the same formula, of the same duration to be taken on the same site within 13 months. The guarantee takes effect from the day after the interruption. First and second category dogs are prohibited.


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